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Keepsake Print Boxes | Joy Michelle Photography

Today’s Wedding Wednesday features Keepsake print boxes: A tangible way to relive your Print proof boxes Wedding printsKeepsake Print Boxes are the most recent addition to my print product offerings and are a beautiful alternative or compliment to a traditional album. One thing I really love about these boxes is the ability to spread your images out around you and experience the memories of your day in a different way. They’re also super compact and travel friendly which is great for sharing your wedding day with friends or storing right on your coffee table.

photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints

photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints photography Print proof boxes Wedding printsEach box can be customized to your wedding colours right down to the canvas colour and the ribbon colour. A compartment holds 100 prints and boxes can be made to hold 100, 200, and 400 prints.

photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints photography Print proof boxes Wedding prints photography Print proof boxes Wedding printsFor ordering, inquiries, or to say hello, contact Joy here.

What’s in my bag | Winter edition

Last Saturday morning when I woke up for an engagement session in Baltimore I checked my phone for the weather. It said 30 degrees. I waited for it to refresh. Surely it wasn’t 30 degrees. It probably was 30 overnight but it was warmer now, right? Nope. 30 degrees. I guess I was in denial or something before this moment, but guys, it’s officially fall and officially cold!!

winter photo shoot - bean boots

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Canton Park + Camden Yards Engagement Session | Tara + Russell

Today’s engagement session takes pace in Canton Waterfront Park and Camden Yards! Yup- an engagement session inside Oriole Park! True baltimoreans. Tara Surprised Russell with a private walking tour of the O’s stadium for some awesome pictures and a behind the scenes view. Russell is a huge O’s fan so it was perfect!

I loved getting the chance to walk around the waterfront and brave the cold with these two. Just wait until you see their adorable dog and her beautiful engagement ring!!

oriole park engagement session oriole park engagement sessionMeet Hendrix, he was a little sad we wouldn’t let him play with the other dogs at the park. Sorry Hendrix!

oriole park engagement session

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What else is in my camera bag? (besides gear!)

It’s a (mini post!) WEDDING WEDNESDAY!!  What I bring to a wedding (the non gear-related version).

I feel like I could have titled this post so many things. Like, “surviving wedding season” or “gear is only half the story…” but it’s true- these are some things I have found to be absolute life savers while photographing weddings.

I started out packing just water and a trail mix bar, and have slowly added on (usually after learning the hard way about it!). I found that bug spray is a MUST and so is sunscreen (camera strap-shaped sunburn anyone??).

what is in my camera bagMy must-haves are: sunscreen, Advil, some sort of food bar or snack, sunglasses, business cards, chapstick, body spray, bug spray, water, and comfy insoles for my rain boots (which aren’t pictured but are SUPER important…you only make that mistake once!) and I usually throw in whatever else fits in with the venue for that particular wedding.

I will also note that I keep an umbrella, coat, alternative shoes, and a blazer in my car because you never know. You just have to be prepared for anything!

You can also find my original post about gear HERE-what’s in my camera bag 

Photographers– I’d love to hear what you all bring on your wedding days/shoots.