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A Printed Photograph

This week I’ve been sitting behind my computer even more than usual pouring into a new project: A welcome packet for new and prospective wedding clients. There’s always more work involved than you think when you start a design project, but I know it will pay off in the end! As a part of this welcome packet, I put pen to paper about the heart behind my business, my passions, and why I believe in a printed photograph. wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis

I wanted to share a part of what I wrote because most of you wont get the chance to read the final welcome packet.

 “Your moments deserve to be remembered and cherished in a form beyond a digital file. I’m passionate about producing work that becomes cherished art. My hope is that your wedding photographs take form as a beautiful album on your coffee table, a canvas gallery on your wall, or a print box by your bed. That way, you have something tangible to remember your day.”

wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis Here are some print boxes and albums that are popular with my brides! wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis wedding-albums-print-boxes-maryland-wedding-photographer-annapolis

To learn more about custom albums + print boxes contact me. 

What actual grooms think of the first look


I’ve been getting lots of questions about first looks on the wedding day. From “what do you suggest?” to “Do you think grooms are glad they did one?” so I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to first looks- my thoughts and even some quotes from real grooms who decided to have a first look! To start, I want to share my top 3 reasons why I love first looks.

Cherishing the day. The pace of a wedding day is go go go. It will go by in a flash- believe me! Taking a moment to pause – to soaking it in – to look at your almost spouse and say, “we made it!” could end up being the calmest part of your day. A first look means getting a one on one time together before the craziness to cherish.

The pictures! There’s nothing more natural and romantic than those first few moments together where you finally get to see each other on the day of your wedding. You’re wearing your wedding dress, he is all dapper in his suit, and you can really be present in the moment. This is a great time to pray together, exchange gifts, and of course do some bride and groom portraits while you’re looking your absolute best. Your makeup runs during the ceremony?? No worries! Your portraits are already done! You wont be stressing that frizz-causing humidity either!What real life grooms think of the first look Continue reading

Choosing your wedding invitations

how-to-choose-a-wedding-invitation-I love to get mail (seriously- who doesn’t?)!! When I get a wedding invitation, I put it up on my fridge so I can see it everyday. Odds are, your guests will too! The wedding invitation is your guest’s first impression of your upcoming nuptials. It tells them more than just the date. It tells them the formality, the colors, and also the style. I like to think of the invitation as setting the tone for the day. It will be something your photographer photographs along with the rest of your details, so it carries over into your wedding day too. Continue reading