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Josh + Anna | Annapolis Bookstore Engagement Session

Finding a fun, meaningful, and romantic indoor activity for an engagement session on a blustery January day can be tough, but when Josh & Anna suggested the Annapolis Bookstore I knew it was perfect!! (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015

This underground, eclectic bookstore painted the perfect backdrop for Josh and Anna’s engagement session and reflected something they both love! They kept saying, “this is so us!!!” These two bookworms met in high school and will by tying the knot in Maryland this June.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015


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Josh + Maica | Delaware Sunset Lifestyle Session

When you get light as beautiful as this, and a couple not afraid to be themselves, the results are outstanding. Happy Monday!!!(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
– e. e. cummings

Props Props Props!

When it comes to photo shoot props, it can really go either way. Some people find them cheesy and overdone and others don’t know where to stop. I absolutely love props and I will tell you why. Props, when well chosen, add interest and cause what would be a rather static photo to become more dynamic. The cool thing is, this is across the board- not just for newborns and kids. With every session I book I encourage my clients to bring a couple of significant items to play around with during the shoot. Some of them may work better than others but having some props there with you on the shoot gives you a way to interact more with your surroundings. My first example is a Couple’s Portrait session that took place outside in the country. They brought a rustic, empty wooden frame that was a gift from the girl’s sister. The frame fit in perfectly with the feel of the shoot and added some interesting options for angles as I photographed them. Since it was sentimental to them both, I’m sure they will be even more likely to love seeing it on their walls or in an album for years to come!


I’ve added a couple more examples of using a simple props such as a picnic blanket, flowers or a basket below. This applies to weddings as well! I threw in an example of that at the end.


Set a scene: Many times when it comes to choosing props and getting wonderful photos it comes down to simply taking a few minutes to prepare for the session. In the session below, the mother had set aside a few different outfits, knit hats and blankets, and accessories for the shoot so that I had some options to work with. It really adds to the final product when a prop can be used to give focus and balance to the image. Without the basket, it would have been a cute baby in a blanket. But having the basket there sets a scene

Since engagement sessions are specific to each couple, it really frees up the options for the types of props you can use! It seriously can be anything. A lot of times the props contribute to some type of theme or maybe contain colors from their wedding. This couple wanted to incorporate their wedding date with one of their favorite hobbies so they used 2 baseballs!

The sports element became an overarching theme to the whole shoot when they later they posed with a basketball…


My final and favorite example of great props are sparklers! I love sparklers for so many reasons…They have a celebratory feel! They extend possible shooting hours because you can keep shooting in the dark. And the options are pretty much endless with what you can write, draw, and design with them! I hope that this post helped to show you that props have the ability to take your shoot to the next level and taking the time to plan out your shoot will make for even better photographs.