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7 tips for being more productive today

Maximize your time and productivity with these tips that I use everyday.

5 tips to be more productive

Daily top 3

Sometimes my to-do list is daunting and seemingly never-ending so I don’t want to start it at all. I’ve found that when I decide on just three priorities for my day, it helps me just start! Deciding what makes that list helps me to prioritize. That top 3 gives me clear focus for the rest of the day. I write my top 3 at the top of my day planner each morning.

Goals with steps

The best way to make good use of your time is to know not only your goals but the steps to take so that you are not wandering from task to task. When you make goals, don’t just write down the end goal. Make action steps and write down the action you will take to make it happen. I find this makes it far more likely to happen, and easier to quantify success. Continue reading

Snowstorm Adventure | Joy Michelle Photography

It snowed. Everything looked magical. We had an adventure. (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

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Charleston | Part 2

I loved this city!! Charleston was so charming and the food was uhhh-mazinggg!! My favorite part of the whole trip was ringing in the New Year at the Vendue’s NYE roaring 20’s Gala! It was full of Flapper Girls, Gangsters, and Ragtime music and macaroons! We dressed up and danced the night away!

If you missed it, here’s Part 1 of my trip.

[all cell phone photos] Charleston sc destination wedding photographer joy michelle DAY2_0029

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Charleston | Part 1

A couple months ago, I started to get the travel bug. You know – that sudden need to just get in the car (or on a plane) and leave to explore, see a new place…for me, take pictures!! I had such an incredible time traveling to Colombia in February and ever since I’ve wanted to be on the road. I attended Savannah College Of Art and Design in 2009 and loved the whole feel of the historic city so when we got a free week to travel, I knew I wanted to head back south. I hadn’t ever been to Charleston before, so I decided why not?!

The whole trip was pretty last minute and planned in just a few days. We invited my cousin and her new husband to join us and thankfully they loved the idea and we were able to spend new years eve together in this beautiful city! Historic Charleston Photography

The funny part is, I was having such an awesome time running around, drinking too much coffee and making memories, I never got out my big camera. This post is just a collection of images from my husband’s and my cell phone, and my cousin Kelly’s pictures! Shout out to Kelly!! She has the cutest blog HERE. Check it! Continue reading