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3 Words for 2015

2015 already?? Ahh! Time needs to sloooooow down!

As the new year rolled around, I decided that along with my usual list of resolutions I would pick 3 words to center my year around. These are the words I have chosen:

watercolor flowers and calligraphy




Each of these words spoke to me for different reasons and I think having this little painting and calligraphy up on the wall in my office will be a wonderful reminder as I make business and life decisions. Continue reading

Calligraphy Monday | my calligraphy tool kit

One of my 2014 new year resolutions was to learn calligraphy. I had been seeing some really inspiring calligraphy work on pinterest and by some designer friends on instagram and I thought I would try my hand at it. My husband bought me this kit for valentines day and it’s what I’ve been using to learn for the past few months. I knew it would take time, just like learning to write does, but it is definitely an art form!

Today I want to share with you what I use for my calligraphy work. All of these tools/inks are pretty easily found online or in craft stores ( This store is great!). So if you are thinking of getting into calligraphy and aren’t sure where to start, I think this could be a helpful guide!

joy michelle photography starter calligraphy kit


My everyday kit includes:

–  adjustable oblique pen holder
– assortment of 3 nibs (details above)
– pot of black ink
– pot of white ink
– journal for practicing (use thick, smooth paper!)
–  sheets of vellum tracing paper 8.5×11″ each
–  sheets of gridline practice sheets

I bought access to the course “Intro to modern calligraphy” on a site called Skillshare and I’m working through the videos now. Calligraphy is all about practicing proper technique so I find it helpful to watch someone in a video.

Quick tip: I have found that the better quality the paper you are working on, the better your letterforms come out. It also helps if the paper is very smooth! I like to use vellum papers for markers/painting. And since I often paint around my calligraphy, I typically need a heavier weight paper.

After a few weeks of tracing the alphabet, and experimenting with different styles of calligraphy, I have started making my own inks with gouache paint + water. That is what I will be showing you all next week!

Until then, I would love to know, do any of you practice calligraphy?

Last Weeks Post


Calligraphy Monday!!

Calligraphy Monday!!

I’m soooo excited to announce I will be starting a series called Calligraphy Mondays where I share little tid bits about my calligraphy journey.

I want to hear from you about what you want to see/read most. What are your calligraphy questions? Comment below!