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Brides – Your Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Questions Answered

It’s Wedding Wednesday!!!

This week is extra awesome. We’re getting answers from a professional hair and makeup artist about wedding day beauty and even some tips for hiring your makeup artist. My brides often ask me questions like these about makeup and hair and I try my best to answer them, but I’m by no means a pro. This gave me the idea to interview an actual pro and pass all your questions along.

That is where Maica comes in! Maica attended the Aveda Institute of New York and is a licensed cosmetologist. She has worked on Editorial shoots, Weddings, and on 5th Avenue in NYC as colorist/Stylist! I have worked with her personally on my latest styled shoot so I’m thrilled to have her here helping me out for this Wedding Wednesday Post.

Image Maica is going to introduce herself and her makeup background and dive right into some questions.

“Around the end of middle school, I started getting into makeup (embarassingly) because of a goth stage I went through. I started experimenting with makeup and as an only child, I get bored sometimes. So I had my own photoshoots after I do my hair and makeup… it wasn’t anything fancy… just some selfies before selfies were selfies. Time passed and I became more and more interested in makeup. Towards the end of highschool, while Youtube was just starting to get popular, I started watching makeup gurus like Michelle Phan. Eventually I found a bunch of other makeup gurus that I really enjoyed watching. I was always into the arts, so I like anything that’s creative and beautiful. I wasn’t sure about doing art as a career due to the highly selective market and because I couldn’t see myself working in a studio all alone all the time. I started exploring other options and eventually realized you could make a career in doing hair and makeup. I saw this as my cousin, Anna Bernabe, was just taking off in her career in the beauty industry. At first she was taking the makeup artistry path but after realizing she has a special talent for working with men, she made male grooming her specialization. I was inspired and motivated to see her do well. 

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My Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes / Beauty Feature Column


Today I’m sharing my favorite eyeshadow palettes and what I have in my z palette ! There are a million and one swatch examples for each of these (very popular) palettes so I wont be adding my own- just links. ;)


Urban Decay’s Naked palette (original), UD Naked 2, and UD Naked basics. Here’s the original palette swatches against the Naked 2. The colors in the first palette are warmer and very versatile whereas the second one is cooler and has more metallic shade finishes. I go back and forth between the two, but lately I use the UD naked 2 more. Between these two palettes, I can do a cool or warm smokey look and pretty much any look in between. I prefer the packaging of the original naked palette over the 2nd. The shadows in mine (naked 2) have come lose as well so they shift around and don’t stay nice. Anyone else have this problem?

Next up: Naked Basics palette…. LOVE this one. It’s perfectly compact, the pigmentation is wonderful, and every single one of them is matte bar the one highlight color. I use this pretty much daily for the nude lid color and light brown shadow for my brows. It’s such a small no-nonsense palette that it usually gets picked for weekend trips or travel when space is limited. If you enjoy matte shadows- I highly recommend this one.


The Z palette is a huge space savor! Since it’s magnetic, I have de-potted a variety of shadows and blushes and they all stick perfectly into one palette. Before I bought this, I had lots of little compacts from eye shadow quads and a bunch of single mac shadow compacts too. I find it much easier to store shadows this way and I’m able to see all my options at once which is great. All of the round shadows are Mac Cosmetics (carbon, cork, vanilla, copperplate …to name a few), the rectangle ones are cover girl.

I think eventually I’ll be picking up another one of these and devoting it to blushers and highlighters/contours. You can find all the Urban Decay Palettes at Sephora & the Z Palette HERE.

I’m curious to hear from you!! Comment below what your favorite eyeshadow palette is!



Under Eye Cream Review / feature beauty column

jmp blog beauty feature bannerI haven’t shared a beauty post in a while (remember feature friday??) and I just picked up a new under eye cream and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.


I’ve been in the market for a new eye cream for a good while but just never got around to purchasing one and nothing that I’ve used before left a lasting impression, but when Felipe was on amazon the other day placing an order for some household cleaning stuff I added this to the cart. It’s called 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine under eye cream. I will admit it, having coffee & caffeine in the title is what initially caught my attention. It had some great reviews and didn’t cost an arm and a leg (plus it’s organic!). Also it’s an ounce and most of the creams I was seeing were twice the price for half the amount of product- no bueno!

So far I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m really happy with it! It has great packaging and a pump that doesn’t force you to use a specific amount. The smell is almost a food smell, like kettle corn? …haha That’s really the only way I can describe it. I don’t mind it at all though!


I was happy to see it was cruelty free + gluten free as well as organic. If you’re in the market for an eye cream that de-puffs, brightens and is organic – try this one out!

New Years Eve Makeup / Feature Friday Beauty Column

jmp blog beauty feature banner

Hello and welcome to another installment of my Beauty column (Feature Friday!) I styled a New Years theme shoot last week and I loved the makeup so much I decided to share how you can achieve this makeup look! This look is perfect for any Holiday parties you might attend throughout December.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

Firstly, I just wanna give a huge shout out to Hailey (pictured on the right) for doing a fabulous job on all the hair and makeup looks for the styled shoot I’m showing you today!! I love how the emphasis is on the makeup while the hair is simple and chic. You can read her awesome beauty blog HERE. Don’t miss out- go follow her blog!

The two looks for this shoot are great options for a daytime-to-nighttime look. On the left, we have the more natural, daytime version of the two looks. Then if you pin your hair up, and apply a brighter lip color, you’re nighttime ready! That is why I love these looks; they really will work for anyone! So this New Years Eve just decide how daring you want to be and here’s some help to get there…

Hailey explains how she accomplished her look, “My eye make up was a slew of the naked palettes naked 2 shadows, the lip color was revlon! I use Marc Jacobs blush in “irresistible” and Nars bronzer in “Laguna”, I also used the Maybelline color tattoo in “barely branded” and the Lorac pro eye primer.  I was wearing Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara.”

Hailey also wore false lashes by Katy Perry to finish off her look!

Maureen’s overall look was similar with the exception of the falsies and her lip color which was a softer mauve from Covergirl, but the name has worm off! Don’t you hate when that happens? If you are looking for a “your lips but better” lipstick I shared my favorites in this blog post.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

The trick to pulling off a bolder lip and eye look is to keep everything else simple, and Hailey did exactly that. Her jewelry is understated (love those earrings!!) and her hair pulled away form her face, leaving the focus on her!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

Hailey’s Red Nail Color- OPI “All I want for Christmas is OPI”

Both dresses are from Forever 21.

Do you have any tried and true Holiday-worthy makeup products? I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments below! Or if you use one of these looks please take picture and tag me/Hailey in it! We would love to see your take on it.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of (beauty) Feature Friday and I will see you next week with more tips, and reviews!


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