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Food Photography + Recipe Card Design / A New Direction


I think personal projects are key to keeping creativity flowing. For a few months now, I have been playing around with food, product, and commercial photography. I think it started with my beauty column blog series which was a creative outlet and a personal challenge to photograph objects instead of people. From there it has grown into a whole new focus on my photography lately so this morning I decided to put some of my food photography to use in the form of a recipe card design.

The complete Marshmallow recipe can be found HERE.

Some of you may know that I have a formal background in graphic design so I tend to gravitate toward it even when I’m shooting or editing. I photographed this at my parent’s house over Christmas when we had a huge assortment of cookies and goodies laying around.

I’m considering starting a new blog series in lieu of my beauty posts that will focus on food photography and food related designed products like this recipe card. Thoughts?

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013