maryland wedding photographer joy michelleHello there!

I’m Joy and the girl behind the camera! It pretty much goes without saying that I’m obsessed with photography. So much so that I went so school for it! I also have a degree in Graphic design but my passion is and has always been photography. Besides capturing others’ lives through my lens, I’m head over heels in love with my corgi Jack-Jack! I’m the middle child of 5, so I’m pretty much never phased by chaos. I have a huge sweet tooth. Seriously- buy me some gummy worms or chewy spree and I’ll love you forever. I love baking (sweets!), coffee (with sugar) and sushi.

maryland wedding photographer joy michelleWhat brings me joy

Two years ago I married the love of my life! He brings so much joy to my heart and is one of the biggest reasons why I am drawn to photographing what brings others joy! I find joy in spending time with my siblings, pretending I’m a calligrapher, and spending way too much time on Pinterest! These are the things that fill me with happiness and fuel my creative passions. Being a Lifestyle & Wedding photographer allows me to capture the moments and people that bring joy to your life. To be right alongside you in those moments, preserving what brings joy, is what Joy Michelle Photography is all about. So maybe your joy is your family, your pregnancy, a relationship, or your wedding day. Whatever it may be I want to capture it with my photography.

So, what gives you joy?

maryland wedding photographer joy michelle

2 responses to “ABOUT JOY

  1. we have so much in common! i used to live in aberdeen and my middle name is michelle ;) we’re gonna be good friends, miss joy ;) you are a brilliant photographer and i’m so glad i found your blog!!!

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