Anne Arundel County Bridal Guide Feature

The Anne Arundel County Bridal Guide is a new, yearly publication that highlights local wedding vendors in Maryland as well as provide some useful planning tips! I’m proud to have been asked to be a part of this year’s issue! There is a Joy Michelle Photography ad and I helped contribute to an article with writer Hayley Gable of the pasadena voice. 
(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015Since this is my first print ad, I’m especially excited to see my work as a tangible print that I can hold! Is it weird that I want to frame my copy? ;)(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015I loved getting the chance to help answer some of bride’s most asked questions when looking for a wedding photographer. Here’s a page from the article with a pull quote below one of my photographs.  (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2015


It reads, “When you find a photographer you feel comfortable around you will actually receive better photographs in the end because that ease and trust allows your photographer to capture more genuine moments and expression as they unfold.”

If you haven’t already, you can pick up your copy of the Anne Arundel County Bridal Guide at any AAC public library, post office, or anywhere you would find the Pasadena voice or Severna Park voice.

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