7 tips for being more productive today

Maximize your time and productivity with these tips that I use everyday.

5 tips to be more productive

Daily top 3

Sometimes my to-do list is daunting and seemingly never-ending so I don’t want to start it at all. I’ve found that when I decide on just three priorities for my day, it helps me just start! Deciding what makes that list helps me to prioritize. That top 3 gives me clear focus for the rest of the day. I write my top 3 at the top of my day planner each morning.

Goals with steps

The best way to make good use of your time is to know not only your goals but the steps to take so that you are not wandering from task to task. When you make goals, don’t just write down the end goal. Make action steps and write down the action you will take to make it happen. I find this makes it far more likely to happen, and easier to quantify success.

One of the best systems I’ve used for doing this type of goal setting is Lara Casey’s Power Sheets. But if you want something to use right this very second…here are some free printables by Emily Ley.  Check out the “new year family meeting” PDF. It’s awesome.


I’m all about social media…when it’s time for social media. But when you’re trying to accomplish a task, social media is your enemy! Now I realize most of us cannot literally unplug (or turn our phones off completely) but we can take measures so that it doesn’t buzz next to you every 7 seconds.

My phone also has a do not disturb setting so I wont hear anything when I get calls or texts. You can customize this setting so you still get calls from specific people if you are worried about missing something major.

Instagram is my weakness. After I post something, I become less productive because I start seeing who liked it or commented on it. So I turned off push notifications for instagram. I have to make the choice to go into the app itself to see feedback on my images. No more “I’ll just comment back real quick” or “how many likes do I  have?” You can do this for any app that distracts you.

Find encouragement

Having community on the same page as you makes you far more likely to stick with a goal and keep you motivated. Share those new year resolutions you just made with a friend. Ask them to check in with you in a few weeks. And you can do the same for them. If you don’t have someone, comment below and I’ll be your buddy! :)

Celebrate your wins / Treat Yo Self!

When you reach that goal, no matter how small, celebrate it! I usually celebrate with coffee (are you surprised???) or cake. Or both. Just being honest here, guys.

Stay organized + Make systems

Nothing will cost you time like being disorganized and confused half the time. For me, this means getting a quality planner that works for my life and career and using it consistently. When you are organized, you will be more efficient. You can usually tell how organized someone is just by looking at their email inbox. It can either be a huge jumbled mess or clearly organized with tabs and folders. Find out where your life needs more organization (where you lose the most time) and get your life some tabs and folders!!

Know your best working hours

You know how people say you should wake up super early and tackle your list if you wanna be successful? Well that just doesn’t work for me. I tried failed at this. I’m just slower in the early mornings – a little foggy headed. But around the late afternoon and evenings? Ooooh man. That’s when the ideas are flowing and the check marks on that to-do list start appearing. My advice is work when you’re most clear headed and ignore what other people do. You gotta do what works for you.

Ok folks. That’s it! Hope these tips get you excited about your goals and motivated to make the most of your time. Now I wanna hear from YOU. What keeps you productive? Leave your tips below!!

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