My Mom’s Wedding Dress | Film Photography

I’m soooo glad my mom kept her wedding dress because now I get to play with it and borrow it for little photo sessions whenever inspiration strikes. Also- I just love it!! It just happens to be super classy and it has this adorable little matching hat + veil. my moms vintage wedding gownI photographed these during golden hour a few months ago as a part of my film experiment project and I thought I’d share a few favorites with you all today!

maryland film wedding photography_0011my moms vintage wedding dress-37410033 my moms vintage wedding dress-37410016 my moms vintage wedding dress-37410027 my moms vintage wedding gown

Fun fact: I wore the matching veil/hat for my bridal shower tea party!  my moms vintage wedding gown my moms vintage wedding gown my moms vintage wedding dress-37410020my moms vintage wedding gownmy moms vintage wedding dress-37410019 my moms vintage wedding dress-37410018my moms vintage wedding gownAll of today’s photos are fujifilm 400h 35mm film scans taken on my nikon f100. If you’re enjoying seeing more of my film photography work, please let me know. :)

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2 responses to “My Mom’s Wedding Dress | Film Photography

  1. Awesome using by the light and lovely compositions

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