Maryland Sunflower Fields | On Film

Film, sunflowers, and adventures! It’s a pretty fun day on the blog.

I have been wanting to go see these beautiful sunflowers for literally years. Every fall I see bright yellow sunflower images pop up on my friend’s Facebook pages and blogs and it has made me want to go even more. You guys, I finally got to go! YAY. [I have to give all the credit to Felipe for finding the field and driving us out there. He actually surprised me with a trip because I’ve been talking about this for so long. Husband points!!]

I knew it would be pretty up close but when I was standing in the midst of the field, I was overwhelmed by the incredible beauty. God’s creation is truly awe inspiring. There were bees EVERYWHERE and for once in my life they didn’t terrify me. They were only interested in the sunflowers anyway.

While we waded through the sunflowers, I shot some polaroids and film (I also made Felipe snap some of me!) on my Nikon f100 and had them developed and scanned by The Darkroom and here’s what came out.

Sunflower field on film fuji400hsunflower0001 fuji400hsunflower_0009 fuji400hsunflower_0008 fuji400hsunflower_0007 Maryland Sunflower Field on film Maryland Sunflower Field on film Maryland Sunflower Field on film Maryland Sunflower Field on filmTo see more of our adventures, follow the hashtag #alemanadventures

All photos are Fuji400h pro film. Oh! And here’s a little blooper pic. ;)


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