DIY Embossing With Stamps

Happy Friday!!

I’m doing something a little different today. I shared a time-lapse video on my instagram account this past monday of how I emboss my logo using stamps. Many of you requested more information so I’ve put together a little DIY guide on how I emboss using my logo stamps at home.

Let’s get started!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014


Here are my materials and what you will need to get embossing!!

STAMPS – mine are from
EMBOSSING INK – I found this one at micheals arts & crafts
EMBOSSING POWDER – also from michaels but can be found in any craft store 
HEAT GUN – I really should get a kick back from michaels…found this one there as well. 
Other great places to find stamping related stuff is Paperwishes, Joanns, + stampin’ up.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 I’m so excited about these new stamps for my business!! They turned out better than I imagined!(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014OK!

So here’s the step-by-step guide…

1 – Prep your work area and surface to be stamped. Play around with different types of paper and such because some work better than others. I have found that some just absorb the ink too fast and the powder has nothing to grab onto.

2 – Press your stamp into the tinted embossing ink pad.

3 – Stamp it!

4 – Sprinkle the embossing powder all over the freshly stamped ink and shake it around a little so it catches on.

5 – Tap off excess.

6 – Heat it up! Watch it though…you have to move fast because if will burn the paper if you linger in one spot too long. (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014Aaaaaaand you’re done! Admire your handywork..(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2014

I hope you’ve found this helpful – I’m happy to answer questions below. With holidays right around the corner (department stores wont let us miss that!!), this could be a fun crafty addition to your cards or gift tags.

Will you be trying out embossing??

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