Do you have a vintage wedding dream?!


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So we all know the vintage wedding trend has been huge for the past few years but I’m loving how it has evolved into brides bringing in authentic vintage furniture and decorative touches to their days to really make them pop! But how exactly can you make your vintage dreams come true? Amy at XOXO Vintage is your gal! She’s the one who brings those dreams to life. I had the opportunity to work with Amy on an editorial Boho Styled Shoot and I was blown away by the incredible pieces she has (pictured above and below).

And today I have SUCH a treat for you guys. Amy is giving us her behind the scenes, insider know-how about renting vintage furniture and decor for your wedding and events. I can see so many of these beautiful pieces working beautifully for an engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding day. She will be answering questions about the rental process and what brides can expect.

Here we go!!

QUESTION: How did you start your business/what inspired you?

This adventure has quite honestly been a long time in the making. I am a registered nurse, but have always known that I had a creative side that was waiting to be unleashed. I became incredibly inspired to begin my own vintage rental company after planning my wedding last year in Charleston, SC. I kept seeing vintage sofa’s, chairs, and decor items being used in fantastic southern weddings. I knew that I wanted that look for my wedding! We ended up renting a LOVE marquee light, a few fun vintage sofa’s, china, and a cake table from our vendor and now friend Sarah at 428 Main. After our wedding, I came home and came back to reality. I soon realized that my new reality was one where I was supposed to start my own business. I started collected pieces, painting things, and reupholstering furniture. We launched our website February and haven’t really looked back. There have been some amazing surprises along the way. My husband Bryan found out that he is incredibly talented with wood working and began making custom wooden art such as flags and sports logos. From that we also now have an Etsy shop under the name MrXOXOvintage. Who knew! This entire whirlwind has been the most challenging and also most rewarding thing I have ever done. I wouldn’t change the decision to begin this adventure for anything in the world.


©JMP, 2014

Where do you find your items?

All over! Estate sales, furniture auctions, and craigslist to name a few. I am more looking at the bones of a piece of furniture, as I paint or reupholster just about every piece of furniture that comes through my door.

How does the rental process work?

Basically once the rental items are selected we will draft an invoice. A fifty percent non refundable deposit reserves all rentals. The remainder is due ten days before the event.

Do you deliver?

Yes! For most large items, i.e. tables, furniture, marquee lights we deliver. We do allow clients to pick up some smaller rental items on a case by case basis but for the most part we deliver and pick up all items.

Do you provide set up and styling of the items?

I love to brainstorm creative ways to use our pieces with clients. I enjoy trying to think outside of the box and use items in non conventional ways. Some examples would be doors used as a tables, crab baskets as flower vessels, sewing table treadle legs as table legs an so on.

Do you offer a styling planning consultation and suggestion so that my whole wedding has a cohesive look?

Yes! While I am not a wedding planner or a designer, I try to take all decor into account when thinking of the best ways to use vintage rentals. I will often ask my brides what their invites look like as this is the first look their guests are getting of their wedding. I try to take in the full picture in order to serve my clients better. My goal is to find the most personal ways for our inventory to be used to allow the client’s style to shine through.

What if something that I’ve rented becomes damaged or breaks during my wedding/event?

We understand that things happen! I unfortunately spilled grey paint on our white linen Fairview sofa a few weeks and had to reupholster it in a timely manner. (It was not a fun experience). We have been fortunate in that this has not happened at an event…yet. Most of our furniture is from the 1940’s or an even earlier time period so I know that it is bound to happen.


© Joy Michelle Photography

What is your favorite item in your shop?

Our Berkshire Settee, it is one of the very first things that I did. It gets the most attention and is such a fun, girly piece.

Can I buy any of your vintage items?

For the most part no. While we occasionally take custom orders, such as three feet tall lighted Marquee Letters, we do not take them frequently. The furniture reupholstery in itself is a lengthy process, so at present time we are working on mainly adding items to our rental inventory.

What is your favorite vintage trend going on right now?

I am not sure if it’s a vintage trend or just a trend in general, but I am enjoying all of the gold. It seems like everyone cannot get enough gold right now and I can’t either. I have to make a conscious effort to not spray paint things gold because I do it so frequently.

If I have a tight rental budget, what would you suggest renting to get the best bang for my buck?

Honestly, I think skipping some of the smaller decor items and simply doing one vintage settee with a marquee light behind it is the way to go. It is something that people will remember and becomes an instant photo opportunity. Every single person getting married is going to have food, flowers, and music. Vintage rentals are really a way to differentiate your wedding, your style, and your personality and leave a lasting impression for everyone at your event.

So there you go, vintage bride. You can make your vintage wedding really pop with the help of a vintage rental company like XOXO vintage by Amy. If you are in the Annapolis, MD area– DEF check her out. She has an incredible stock of items.

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