Antrim 1844 Wedding | Lydia + Ben

antrim1844_wedding_-107When I was a bride checking out venues I came across Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel and always loved the quaint look of it, so when Rachel Smith Photography asked me to work with her on Ben & Lydia’s wedding I was thrilled! Everything was in full bloom which made for beautiful pops of color in the bride and groom portraits.

Get ready for this beautiful black and jewel tone wedding with hints of nautical elements found on the cake topper and favors. antrim1844_wedding_-5antrim1844_wedding_-7antrim1844_wedding_-10antrim1844_wedding_-11antrim1844_wedding_-16

antrim1844_wedding_-26 antrim1844_wedding_-28antrim1844_wedding_-30 antrim1844_wedding_-22antrim1844_wedding_-32 antrim1844_wedding_-34 antrim1844_wedding_-35 antrim1844_wedding_-38 antrim1844_wedding_-45 antrim1844_wedding_-51 antrim1844_wedding_-53The boys had a pretend conference room meeting in the wine cellar. :)

antrim1844_wedding_-57Just moments before the ceremony, Lydia, her parents and bridesmaid shared a quick prayer.

antrim1844_wedding_-58 antrim1844_wedding_-59 antrim1844_wedding_-60 antrim1844_wedding_-61 antrim1844_wedding_-62 antrim1844_wedding_-63antrim1844_wedding_-66 antrim1844_wedding_-64antrim1844_wedding_-104The letters you saw above, written by Ben and Lydia to each other, were placed in this box during their ceremony and will be opened on their 5 year anniversary and read together with their favorite bottle of wine! They will then re-write letters each 5 year anniversary and replace the bottle of wine for a tradition together. LOVE this idea.

antrim1844_wedding_-70 antrim1844_wedding_-72 antrim1844_wedding_-74antrim 1844 wedding joy michelle photography antrim1844_wedding_-76 antrim1844_wedding_-77 antrim1844_wedding_-83antrim1844_wedding_-134 antrim1844_wedding_-94 antrim1844_wedding_-96antrim1844_wedding_-127 antrim1844_wedding_-106 antrim1844_wedding_-108antrim1844_wedding_-114 antrim1844_wedding_-109 antrim1844_wedding_-112 antrim1844_wedding_-120 antrim1844_wedding_-122 antrim1844_wedding_-129 antrim1844_wedding_-137 antrim1844_wedding_-139antrim1844_wedding_-99Congratulations Ben & Lydia! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.


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