Inspiring Joy |Through the Viewfinder Photography

joy michelle photography

For this post I broke out my old medium format film camera for some fun photos but I didn’t actually shoot film. How? Through the view finder- or, TTV. By looking through the top of the camera body and shooting what I see. I got this idea from a follower on Flickr years ago when I shared some of the 120 Film shots I had taken with this particular camera body. It is a fun way of using these older cameras when film can be scarce or even discontinued.

You can read more about the camera body here.

jmp- ttv blog-5227I decided to follow Jack around for the day and capture him in his environment from his perspective. Here are my results!!

jmp- ttv blog-5198 jmp- ttv blog-5205 jmp- ttv blog-5217 jmp- ttv blog-5220

Fun fact: This camera displays the view of what you are seeing backwards through the viewfinder on ttv blog-5238 jmp- ttv blog-5247 jmp- ttv blog-5252


Thanks for stopping by! Please add my to your circle on Google + and link me if you have some fun TTV’s you’d like to share. :)

Last Week’s Inspiring Joy


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