Brides – Your Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Questions Answered

It’s Wedding Wednesday!!!

This week is extra awesome. We’re getting answers from a professional hair and makeup artist about wedding day beauty and even some tips for hiring your makeup artist. My brides often ask me questions like these about makeup and hair and I try my best to answer them, but I’m by no means a pro. This gave me the idea to interview an actual pro and pass all your questions along.

That is where Maica comes in! Maica attended the Aveda Institute of New York and is a licensed cosmetologist. She has worked on Editorial shoots, Weddings, and on 5th Avenue in NYC as colorist/Stylist! I have worked with her personally on my latest styled shoot so I’m thrilled to have her here helping me out for this Wedding Wednesday Post.

Image Maica is going to introduce herself and her makeup background and dive right into some questions.

“Around the end of middle school, I started getting into makeup (embarassingly) because of a goth stage I went through. I started experimenting with makeup and as an only child, I get bored sometimes. So I had my own photoshoots after I do my hair and makeup… it wasn’t anything fancy… just some selfies before selfies were selfies. Time passed and I became more and more interested in makeup. Towards the end of highschool, while Youtube was just starting to get popular, I started watching makeup gurus like Michelle Phan. Eventually I found a bunch of other makeup gurus that I really enjoyed watching. I was always into the arts, so I like anything that’s creative and beautiful. I wasn’t sure about doing art as a career due to the highly selective market and because I couldn’t see myself working in a studio all alone all the time. I started exploring other options and eventually realized you could make a career in doing hair and makeup. I saw this as my cousin, Anna Bernabe, was just taking off in her career in the beauty industry. At first she was taking the makeup artistry path but after realizing she has a special talent for working with men, she made male grooming her specialization. I was inspired and motivated to see her do well. 

I decided to study at the Aveda Institute of New York so I could pursue getting a license in cosmetology. I really enjoyed studying there and took work seriously. I won first place for the essay contest when I first applied, which awarded me with a free cosmetology kit (which saved me lots!) During the beginning of when I attended Aveda, they held an updo contest within our class. At the time, I was obsessed with braids (and still am) so I planned and created a funky updo that featured it. I was nervous about it since I barely had any experience with hair and some of my classmates are far more experienced. But to my delight, I won first place! It was so crazy how things were going well. At first I wasn’t interested in hair as much because I found it intimidating, but after learning more about it, I have come to really enjoyed it and has become my primary specialization. After graduating from Aveda, I became an assistant stylist/colorist at Tosler Davis NYC. It’s a low-key, but high-end salon tucked away on the 10th floor on 5th Avenue. My mom still wanted me to get my bachelors (I already obtained my Associates in Fine Arts) so I eventually left to apply to Rutgers, New Brunswick, where I am currently studying Communication. Ever since, I’ve been doing hair and makeup for friends, family, and clients. I’ve collaborated with other talented photographers for photoshoots as well, which were really fun!  
Q: Do I have to provide tools/ bring anything for you to do my hair and makeup? How should I prepare?
You don’t have to bring anything but clean hair and skin! I like working fresh and having my clients feeling fresh.
Q:How much time should I allow for hair and makeup to take on my wedding day?
It really depends on the style you want for your wedding day. I would say to dedicate at least an hour for each so there’s lots of wiggle room.
Q: How far in advance should I book a hair and make up artist?
In terms of booking, it’s good to book as soon as possible. It will always vary between each stylist and makeup artist as to how busy they are. Contact the stylists and artists you’re interested in and see what openings they have. After, it would be good to do a trial and see if they work well on you. If it’s all good, book them while you can! Freelancers really rely on booking to try to set up a steady flow of work, so it’s first come, first served!
Q: Airbrush foundation…I hear so much buzz- yay or nay?
I haven’t had the opportunity to work with airbrush foundation yet but I’ve seen beautiful results from traditional makeup application techniques. Whether it’s air brushed or traditional, it all depends on the individual’s technique. So if you find a good makeup artist who air brushes and you can afford it, then go for it! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be too worried because there’s a lot of talented makeup artists out there. You just have to find them ;)
Q: Should I bring a photo of what I want my makeup and hair to look like?
Bringing a photo of makeup and hair can be great as a reference point, however try not to rely too heavily on it. Everyone has different hair and skin which determines a lot of what can and can’t be done until you start introducing artificial additions like extensions, Hair varies in thicknesses (how thick the hair strand is), density (hair strands per inch), and textures (curl pattern). All these factors affect how sleek, voluminous, or big hair can be styled. It’s the same with skin. We all have different skin tones, types, and textures. A dusty pink lipstick may look soft and delicate on one individual but on another it make cause them to look sickly or strange. It’s also great to be open to other suggestions. Your stylist or makeup artist may have something in mind that’s perfect just for you!
Q: What can I do before my wedding to make sure my hair and makeup look their best?
If you want your hair and makeup to look their best, then you have to take care of them so they’re in their best condition. Eat healthy and be rested. This allows your body to repair any damage to skin and helps hair to grow more healthily. Once hair has developed and grown, there is no real way to “heal” them.Hair is dead so it cannot repair itself, so it’s important to moisturize and condition to prevent any drying, brittleness, and breakage. Minimize the amount of heat applied and chemical processes on your hair as much as possible. If you do treat your hair, make sure to use the most gentle formula needed to get results and to use heat protector before styling.
Q: My friend has offered to do my makeup & hair for my wedding day – is it really necessary to hire a professional?
I will be completely honest with you. Is your friend talented enough to get the results you want? I don’t know your friend but I will say there are advantages of hiring a professional. Professionals are either trained or with more experiences, so they understand hair and skin better than any average individual. They will know what needs to be done to achieve the desired style/look and how to keep you looking good all day! Also, they generally will have better tools and higher quality products.
Q: Do you have tricks or special styles for bridal hair to withsthand the summer heat and humidity? (Darn you, Maryland!) 
Absolutely! There are two options, depending on your hair. Either you have to meticulously style your hair: remove all the moisture when styling then apply a sealing product so the hair doesn’t frizz up or you can work with your hair texture: go loose, natural, and slightly disheveled. Allow for fly aways for that earthy look, which is really popular right now. Not many want those skin tight up-do or perfectly coiled curls anymore.  joymichellephotography-editorial-22
Q: What can I do to keep my makeup looking fresh even during the reception/dancing? 
To keep your makeup looking fresh, definitely make sure the base makeup has been applied properly and has been set with powder or a setting spray. After, just be aware of what’s happening with your body. If you have an combination/oily skin, then blot once in a while then reset with a little powder to prevent from oil melting your makeup off. If you have dry/normal skin, you can use a refreshing spray to keep it looking fresh and dewy and restoring moisture. But if you’re makeup is done properly, you shouldn’t really need to do this more than once or twice.
Q: What is one tip you’d like to give brides about wedding day/event hair and makeup?
To be absolutely prepared for wedding day/event hair and makeup, make sure to follow up with your stylist and makeup artist if they haven’t already, just to confirm the date. Definitely allot a proper amount of time for them to work on each person, so they don’t have to rush (risking messy results). After all that is set, keep your hair and skin healthy so on the day of, you’re all set and you can just relax and have a good time. This day should be a treat as people apply makeup and do your hair. I don’t know about you, but I get really relaxed and sleepy… it’s so therapeutic!
I hope this interview served to answer some of your wedding day makeup and hair questions. If you have other makeup or hair related questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will pass them along to Maica!
See you next week!!

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