Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Albums!

Leather bound classic heirloom wedding album

Today I’m going to be taking you on a virtual tour through one of my new sample wedding albums. This is one of the albums I bring along when I meet a client but many of my brides/portrait clients live far away so we Skype instead (yay technology!). So for instances like that, or just for those curious, I have decided to write this post to share what makes these albums special.

I’m excited to show off a few specific features and touches that really make it shine. For those wondering, this album falls into the “classic heirloom” albums in my album collection.

Firstly, we have the cover. There are a heap of color options but I was drawn to the classic feel of this brown, leather cover with an almost acid wash texture. It’s SO soft and smells really good too. Mmm-mmm. I can’t be the only one who smells books, right?! I love this cover because it wraps completely around the binding which gives a seamless quality. ImageImage

As you open the album, there are canvas textured buffer pages front and back. This is a nice touch because it offers a transition to the actual printed pages and adds extra protection for the images inside.ImageThe next detail I love is the thickness of the pages. Because longevity is of highest importance (you want to pass this down from generation to generation) I feel that the page construction lends itself to that. It also offers are great viewing experience because the pages stay completely firm even while flipping through the album so there is no image distortion. The pages also lay completely flat and print seamlessly across. As you can see below, there is no break in the image even along the center binding.ImageImageImageImageThe final part I want to talk about is the print quality. I’m very impressed with the printing of both black and white images and color. The photos are beautifully printed, the colors are accurate, and the paper texture is perfect for this classic heirloom album.

The best part about an album is that when photographs are printed, memories are made physical and tangible, and can then be enjoyed away from cell phones and computer screens. It can live on a coffee table instead of a device. I love that.ImageImage

For detailed information on wedding photography or ordering a wedding album, please contact me at

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