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Today on inspiring joy I’m talking about my favorite business books. If you’re a photographer, business owner, or just someone who likes to learn, these books are for you! I am by no means a book worm. Before starting my business, I wasn’t interested in reading for fun, but being a business owner does strange things to your head and lately I’ve been really enjoying some of these books. I guess it’s all about finding what truly interests you! Personally, I’m drawn to books that answer my entrepreneurial questions, encourage and inspire me, and somehow hold my attention. These books (amazingly) have done those things.

Let’s get started!


The Power of Starting Something Stupid
I had no idea the goldmine had I stepped into when I decided to purchase and read this book. I thought I would get a little encouraged or maybe inspired but Richie Norton shares his life, struggles, advice, and priceless principals to live/work by. It’s real. It’s authentic, genuine, and touching. You will cry and hopefully you’ll put aside fear and anything else that is getting in the way of living the life you want to be living. It’s dense- packed with amazing quotes, interviews and things you’ll be writing down so as not to forget. I will be reading this book over and over because there’s just no way to hear everything in just one go. If you buy just one- I suggest this one.

Start is a little bit of everything. A little marketing talk, networking, failing, managing and so on. Acuff talks about the stages of business on the road to success and the importance of knowing the stage you’re in and using it to it’s fullest. His work with Dave Ramsey in this book turned me onto Ramsey’s business books which are on my amazon wish-list now. ;) I’m especially interested to read The Go-Getter, and EntreLeadership. 
Positioning – The battle for your mind
This book was a gift from my brother who majored in business and also runs his own business. It wasn’t something I would have picked up on my own. I think because of the cover? While I would have designed this cover very differently, I highly recommend this book! (edit: I now see they DID re-design the cover for the hardback version which I linked in the title above. Gold star to the designer who fixed the cover.) It’s fascinating- and totally different from the others on my list. Positioning is about marketing yourself, which in turn is about good communication and the way people think. Want to build your business strategy around your competition’s weak spot? Read it.
The Pumpkin Plan
This one is all about growth! It contains tangible steps for planting the right seeds, using your time wisely, weeding out the junk, and nurturing the winners. It helped me find out which customers were adding the most value to my businesss and providing the best opportunities for growth and which were pulling the opposite way.  (you may have noticed I couldn’t find this book for the photo above so I threw in a moleskine as a placeholder- haha.)
I would love to hear your thoughts if any of you have also read theses books. What are your favorite business books? Leave your favorites in the comment section below.
See you next week for more Inspiring Joy,

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