My Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes / Beauty Feature Column


Today I’m sharing my favorite eyeshadow palettes and what I have in my z palette ! There are a million and one swatch examples for each of these (very popular) palettes so I wont be adding my own- just links. ;)


Urban Decay’s Naked palette (original), UD Naked 2, and UD Naked basics. Here’s the original palette swatches against the Naked 2. The colors in the first palette are warmer and very versatile whereas the second one is cooler and has more metallic shade finishes. I go back and forth between the two, but lately I use the UD naked 2 more. Between these two palettes, I can do a cool or warm smokey look and pretty much any look in between. I prefer the packaging of the original naked palette over the 2nd. The shadows in mine (naked 2) have come lose as well so they shift around and don’t stay nice. Anyone else have this problem?

Next up: Naked Basics palette…. LOVE this one. It’s perfectly compact, the pigmentation is wonderful, and every single one of them is matte bar the one highlight color. I use this pretty much daily for the nude lid color and light brown shadow for my brows. It’s such a small no-nonsense palette that it usually gets picked for weekend trips or travel when space is limited. If you enjoy matte shadows- I highly recommend this one.


The Z palette is a huge space savor! Since it’s magnetic, I have de-potted a variety of shadows and blushes and they all stick perfectly into one palette. Before I bought this, I had lots of little compacts from eye shadow quads and a bunch of single mac shadow compacts too. I find it much easier to store shadows this way and I’m able to see all my options at once which is great. All of the round shadows are Mac Cosmetics (carbon, cork, vanilla, copperplate …to name a few), the rectangle ones are cover girl.

I think eventually I’ll be picking up another one of these and devoting it to blushers and highlighters/contours. You can find all the Urban Decay Palettes at Sephora & the Z Palette HERE.

I’m curious to hear from you!! Comment below what your favorite eyeshadow palette is!



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