Bogotá (part 1) | Colombia Travels

Bogota, Colombia 

Are you ready to see more Colombia!? This is the third installment of my Colombia travels series. Maybe you missed those…you can find the first and second blog posts here!

We spent the most time in Bogota so I’m going to break this post put into a few parts. The first day we drove to Puente de boyaca. On the way there we stopped at this look out point.

2014-03-15_0001 2014-03-15_0002 2014-03-15_00032014-03-15_0005 2014-03-15_0006

2014-03-15_0007Puente de Boyaca! This is the cafe where my father in law had to pay for me to use the bathroom! Thanks Pa! ;) The weather was absolutely perfect (look at that blue sky!) the whole day up until our drive home where it was storming which made for a perfect car nap on my husband’s arm. 

2014-03-15_0008 2014-03-15_0009 2014-03-15_0010 2014-03-15_0011 2014-03-15_0012Walking around shops downtown later that same day. You can see the rain on the ground but the weather cleared up nicely. 2014-03-15_0013 2014-03-15_0014 2014-03-15_0015 We ate the BEST ribs are Mr Ribs. Highly recommend!!2014-03-15_0016The city of Bogota at night from a lookout point. This was one of my absolute favorite places. The actual live view was just so much more expansive than what my focal length could show. I grabbed a few panoramics on my phone but they were just too dark but my SLR camera did well. (yay Nikon High ISO capability!)  2014-03-15_0017 2014-03-15_0018I have made these posts more about the images with minimal text and explanations but I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments! So go right ahead and ask! :)

Have a great weekend!




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