what’s in my camera bag


Here’s what I use to carry my camera and the gear for a typical lifestyle shoot. It’s also great for traveling with gear, lugging your computer for a day of editing in a coffee shop, or as a carry on bag when flying. 

The Bag: Epiphanie backpack. LOVE this bag. It can fit my 15 inch macbook pro, day planner, main camera body with a 50mm on it, as well as 2 more lenses and batteries and strobe. I  have the straps set to be backpack style but it can be messenger bag style as well.

More gear: I usually take a 24-70mm 2.8 plus my 60mm macro. I also throw in my battery grip (side pocket) and a case of memory cards (front pockets for quick access). Sometimes I bring my polaroid mini fujuica instax camera just for fun if the location calls for it. This is usually enough for an engagement or family session but for a wedding I would add a few things like a reflector, some light stands, back up camera, back up batteries, and a few extra strobes. I use a shoot sac to keep lenses on me during a wedding day as well.

Hey Photogs, I’m on the lookout to find a suitcase style gear bag (something that could hold much more!) to keep in my car on big gigs or to fly with. Any suggestions?

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