The Week in Review – Week 1

I thought I might start a fun, new blog installment series called The Week In Review to share some cell phone images or Instagram shots from what went on the previous week. My vision for this would be more personal content and less business, professional imagery, and work related stuff.

So here we go- the week of Jan. 19th


We got just about 5 inches of snow that made a little wall when we opened the front door. It was also very windy so there are some deep drifts.


I finally got around to painting a refurb. dresser that Felipe sanded down for me a few months ago with the deepest sea foam green color on that behr paint sample. I just LOVE it. The next step is to update the hardware and it will be ready for use.
My little flowers finally opened up! They were a Christmas gift from my Aunt and I immediately planted the bulbs and it has taken until now for them to bloom. There is a smaller bud underneath that has yet to bloom.


I started calligraphy classes! This is actually a Valentine’s day present that hubby let me open early. He knows my lack of patience… ;)
I have been working through a video series I purchased off of and the instructions that came in the kit. I think it would be so cool to be able to one day incorporate this into my design/print offerings for wedding announcements or save the dates.


the collage wall of images in my office is donezo! I’m beyond thankful to my husband for taking the time to hang each of these frames the exact way I wanted- many of which were not frames meant to be hung on a wall in the first place. Isn’t he handy!?


And that concludes my week in review. See you next week!

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