What I’m up to Tuesday

My neighbors were so confused when they saw me laying on the ground taking pictures of weeds, but at the same time they probably see me doing weird stuff like this all the time….sooo…


Today as this snow is coming down – I’ll be digging into the book Start (highly recommend!) and designing and writing the content for a new bridal welcome packet (yippie!). This afternoon I have an advertising mentor session with Marathon Press and I’m excited to hear how I can really push my advertising efforts in 2014.

After sharing yesterdays film post with the film scans I’ve been even more inspired to shoot different types of film. I do have a bunch of leftover black and white film (tmax) from darkroom courses laying around but I’ve lost interest in black and white lately. I’m going to be placing an order of portra and some other color films suggested to me to play around with instead. I’m trying to think of a fun way I can start sharing my film adventures on this blog…Film Fridays maybe? ha. We’ll see! Let me know what you guys would be interested in seeing more of.

One response to “What I’m up to Tuesday

  1. Film Fridays sounds good!

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