Styled Shoot – Film scans (ektar 100) – Film Photographer

The wait is finally over!

The scans have arrived and I’m so pleased with the results. Since I’m mainly a digital photographer, I get to experiment with different types and grains of film during styled shoots and not have as much pressure about the outcome. It’s a freeing feeling to just experiment for fun, for myself, and not a client.

I have an eventual goal to have one of my wedding day collections include partial or full film coverage, so as I experiment I’m taking notes on what films and development labs I like best.

These photos are all 35mm, but another goal of mine is to invest in a medium format film camera!! I have been drooling over a contax 645 but until I fall into major cash I won’t be ordering one of those babies for a while yet! ;)

If you want to see the digitals from this session they’re HERE. :)


The film and my overall thoughts: This particular film is Ektar100 and I shot it on a Nikon F100 and used my 50mm lens. I have edited the levels just a touch in Lightroom before publishing. I liked this film for picking up reds but in general it doesn’t do what I want with skin tones so I wouldn’t use this again for a portrait session but definitely would for product photography (given it were a product that would call for this tonality.)

any other film photogs out there? What films do you use!?

7 responses to “Styled Shoot – Film scans (ektar 100) – Film Photographer

  1. What I have read online from other people who use film is that portra 400 is good for portraits. I just order myself a roll, so I will be give it a try soon.

  2. I supported your goal.

    Film for skin tone? You can try Kodak Portra or Fuji 400Pro H. if you need samples you will find them on my blog or I can link them to you.

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