New Years Eve Party Styled Shoot | Planning a Styled Shoot

Just under 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine and I decided we wanted to throw together a styled shoot…in 9 days. Right smack dab between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yup, we must be crazy. I’m pretty amazed it worked out, honestly!!


“Worked out” is an understatement because it turned out better than I even imagined! It was really neat to shoot something so different than my usual work. Some of you may know that this is my second styled shoot (I love styling!) and my first one was much different. I even pulled out my film SLR and shot a roll of Ektar 100 that I’m absolutely dying to get developed but since film places are so rare now I’m sending it away. I will write a post on the film experience when it comes back!

This shoot was inspired by the glitter and fun of a New Years Eve party. I wanted to shoot a classic dinner table set up outdoors with a beautiful gold tinsel backdrop for a photo-booth feel. Many of the gold elements have a retro feel with a twist- like the cake design. This table and backdrop could easily be duplicated for a New Years Eve celebration or even a Winter Wedding. A couple of my favorite elements are the custom stationery designs and calligraphy (Anchor point Press) , as well as the flakey glitter you will see all over this shoot!

I had SO much fun putting this together, styling, but most of all shooting it! The models for this shoot are good friends of mine and I just love the emotion in the photos! I have included the recipe for the cheesecakes (made by Saxony!) and the DIY party popper instructions used to make the poppers which are so easy and festive!

I want to thank everyone involved in making this shoot happen- especially the models Maureen and Hailey who stood in the December cold for these photos! Thanks Ladies!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013 (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013
See MORE of the Gallery HERE
~Additional vender credits~
-Planning & design: Joy Michelle Photography, Saxony Weil, and planning assistance from Hailey Klebe.
-Pastry & Baked Goods (scones and cookies and such): Bean Rush Cafe
-Glass Candle holders: Target
-Glitter: Michaels arts & crafts
-Tinsel backdrop: Party City
-Golden glitter birds: Home Goods
-Second Shooter: Saxony Weil
-Hair & Makeup : Hailey Klebe
-Black lace dress: forever 21
-Champaign sequin dress: forever 21
-Mini Cheesecakes – DIY – recipe:
-Party Poppers- DIY using this how-to-instructional:
-Floral Designs: Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm
-Cake: Sugar Bakers Cakes
-Paper Products: Anchor Point Press (Emily Hein) 



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