It’s officially Christmas Time! / Meet my Reindeer!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with lots of traveling to see both sides of my family. Jack came along and he had a blast running leash-free in Litiz and Lancaster! But Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s officially Christmas time!!! I tried to dress Jack-Jack like Rudolf but he wasn’t too keen on that idea. ;-)

This past weekend we spent the day decorating for Christmas at my parents which has become tradition! Nat King Cole plays and it’s always my job to put the lights on tree. Maybe it’s because I’m OCD, but I like to think it’s because my light-placing skills are unparalleled. Josh was home from college and posed for this smiley photo with Jack…


(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013


Yesterday I experienced a first- making an apple pie! I feel more domestic already. ;) My mom is the master baker and all-around culinary master so I didn’t dare try this venture alone! Together we made 4 pies. 2 of them we baked, and 2 we froze. Hubby approved so I think it was a winner! Next baking adventure will be Christmas cookie backing marathon with Mom & Julia.



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3 responses to “It’s officially Christmas Time! / Meet my Reindeer!

  1. Yeahhhhhh for Christmastime! I love this time of year.

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