Happy Thanksgiving!!

© Joy Michelle Photography 2013

This is the second thanksgiving my husband and I are sharing together as a married couple and we have SO much to be thankful for. I think that sometimes the word “blessed” is overused and other times not said enough, but I really sincerely mean it when I say I have an incredible life full of things to be thankful for. I’m thanking the Lord today for my family. Especially my siblings. I was recently looking through some old film albums at my Mom’s house and I came across this gem! This is me having a tea part with my 3 brothers. I smile every time I look at this photo! I’m so thankful for them and although you can’t tell from this photo, they made me tougher! Trust me.


But where would I be without my little sister? I waited almost 11 years for her! I guess she was worth the wait… ;) She’s got more personality than anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you, Lord for Julia. 303_+Joy+%26+Felipe-6984-2053734875-OI’m grateful for my parents, my husband, my cell phone, my coffee maker, my warm scarves, and so many things that I take for granted most days.

I’m SO thankful to be working a career that I truly love and one that I can put my passion into. That leads me to you. I’m thankful for you. For my readers and clients and supporters who take time to keep up with me and what I do. Thank YOU!!

What are you thankful for today?

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