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This week’s beauty feature is about how to get your makeup to stay put and fight fading, shine, and creasing. A definite must if you are doing your own makeup for senior photos, an engagement session or even your wedding! I used all of these products when I did my own bridal makeup for my wedding day. These are my go-to products when I’m having photos taken of myself, or when I need my makeup to last 18+ hours (Holidays, parties, etc.). I will be using these on my models this weekend for a styled shoot. I swear by this formula to get budge-proof makeup!


After using a moisturizer, I start with a misting of Urban Decay’s de slick spray before I start applying any makeup. I have tried other setting sprays like Model in a Bottle and a few others but I like this the best because it doesn’t have a perfume smell like Model in a Bottle and it doesn’t change the appearance of my foundation. I also spritz a few sprays on my face after I’m completely done applying my makeup – lip products and all. This is the first and last step of my photo-ready makeup routine. Image

The second product I use is Smashbox photo finish primer in the oil free version. For everyday makeup, I wouldn’t use two primers (I would just use this one) but when I want it to last this is what I do. This primer serves has a smoothing base for your foundation.


For my eyes, I start by using Mac’s Bare study eye base to even out my skin tone. This is a pinky-tan tone without sparkle or shine so it’s perfect for building shadow color. When I’m doing my everyday makeup this is the only step I use for priming my eyes.


After Mac’s bare study, I use Urban Decay’s Shadow primer potion. This is the original one but I know they have ones that are made for using glitter shadows and ones that are tinted. A tube of this primer will last you ages and when I use this my shadow looks exactly the same at the end of the day as it did when I first applied it. In the fist image I had another (tarte brand) primer pictured. That can be an option for those who are looking to use all natural makeup.Image

A couple more tips: Beside using these primers, I set each liquid step with a powder. So if I use a cream blush, I set it with a powder blush and the same goes for foundation and concealer and gel eyeliner. I started doing this after watching Kandee Johnson’s tutorials and it definitely helps makeup last longer.

Thanks for stopping by for another installment of my feature beauty column!

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4 responses to “photo-ready makeup / Feature Beauty Column

  1. What foundation do you use… or is that another blog? I love your makeup blog and well.. I love makeup — you should see my makeup drawer…lol ;)

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