My Photography Bucket List


Here’s a little peak into my studio space. This is my desk area, complete with a snack. The notepad I used in this is from Ashlee Proffitt Store– you should definitely check her out because her designs are uhhhmaaazing. seriously. just take a moment and browse her store. I’ll wait here. :)

I want to share my hopes and goals for photography with you all because I firmly believe in putting dreams/goals in writing and sharing them. You never know if by sharing your goals someone may read them and help you make them happen! It’s also a great motivation to actually make these things happen because I have officially put it out there that these are my goals.

So, here are some places, and events that I would LOVE to photograph.

My Photography Bucket List! (so far)

  • A surprise proposal
  • The northern Lights
  • A Double wedding
  • A cook book (or any food photography commission really)
  • A Grand Canyon Wedding
  • An editorial styled shoot
  • A foggy sunrise engagement shoot
  • Niagara Falls
  • A wedding in a Castle

I’m adding to the list as I think of more and I recently crossed off a few – one of them was to Photograph a sunrise engagement! If you have a photography bucket list, or just a bucket list I would love to read it!

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7 responses to “My Photography Bucket List

  1. Rebekah Mangialardo

    I would do any of these!! You get Kevin to for the proposal and I will so any of the engagement shoots!

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  3. Lets go to NIAGARA FALLS!!

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