my favorite Essie nail polish colors / Beauty Column


For this week’s beauty feature, I’m sharing my top 5 Essie nail polish colors. I really love this brand for both their color selection and quality. I have some really fun beauty posts planned out for the coming weeks and I’m really excited to be able to practice my product photography while I’m at it. Last weeks post on my favorite drugstore lipsticks was against a black backdrop so this week I thought I would try something totally different! Enjoy!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

Starting with the color I’m currently wearing (pictured below) – Playa del platinum! Satin finish- no sparkle. I have a couple nude/tan color nail polishes and non of them compare to this color (at least for my skin tone). Tan nail polishes tend to be a little to peachy flesh toned and this one is juuuuuuust right!  (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013Next is the color Raspberry. Satin finish- no sparkle. I will definitely be wearing this for thanksgiving/christmas festivities. I think it has that same punch as a classic red and is more flattering. Perfecto!(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013Next up is Marshmallow! Satin finish. Not much to say besides It’s my favorite off-white. :)

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013And for the daring –  bikini so tiny!  I wore this all summer long! This blue has a little sparkle to it and is really versatile. (C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013And last but not least, my personal favorite- Who is the boss! I cannot get enough of this muted teal color! :) I had to shake it up for the photo so it wouldn’t look so sad in the bottle because it’s almost empty.  Definitely my all time fav!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

So, I want to hear from you guys- what’s your favorite color?? And it doesn’t have to be essie!

Did you read how I got into beauty  or My favorite drugstore lipsticks?

Next week I’m sharing my favorite eye shadow palettes!

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