My drugstore lipstick picks / Beauty Feature


I could spend hours just walking the aisles in drugstores; It’s makeup heaven! Most of the time I wont even let myself take a quick peak at the makeup when I’m shopping because I will end up buying way too much! For the longest time, I would only buy cosmetics from higher-end companies because I thought that was the only way to get good makeup, but a few years ago I found some amazing quality products for wayyyy cheaper. Drugstore brands have become some of my favorites!

My top 6 Drugstore Lipstick picks!

The first three are revlon lip butters which, I guess to be fair aren’t proper lipstick, but are some of my top go-to picks. They definitely feel less drying and heavy than the lipsticks I used to wear! Below are my current favorites… but I did just finish the color “creme brulee” and I think I will repurchase it because It’s not very often that I use a product down to the bitter end. It was a warm, neutral shade. Definitely check it out you’re into neutrals.

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

From left to right: Berry Smoothie, Tutti Fruitti, and creamsicle. Berry Smoothie is a perfect fall color that goes on sheer and gives a very your-lips-but-better color. It provides that extra punch you need to brighten up your face as now that your tan is fading. Tutti Frutti is more of a summer tone and is definitely more daring and pigmented. I loved to wear this with a light eye. Creamsicle…. oh creamsicle, I have a love hate relationship with this one. I LOVE nude lip colors and this one is a beautiful tone, however it seems to highlight the creases and imperfections so I have to be careful when I wear this one.


(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

As for my top 3 real lipsticks….I have an assortment of warm nudey-pink tones. Not until I photographed them did I realize how similar they really are… am I boring or what? I just LOVE these types of colors. I did a lot of research to find these specific shades and most of these are perfect dupes for MAC shades! I can almost hear my husband, and our bank account, cheering!! I have been wearing the middle shade “Fairest Nude” by Loreal for a week straight. The other two are Mayballine- Leftmost : 235 “warm me up” and far right: 015 “Born with it”.


These all have such beautiful finishes and I think the most I paid for any of these was $6! I have had good luck with Target having the best prices and the best selection. Some of the shades, like fairest nude, can be hard to find. I went to a few CVS’s but eventually found it at Target.

If you missed my introductory post to this beauty column you can read it here!

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I’ll be back for more beauty finds next week!


4 responses to “My drugstore lipstick picks / Beauty Feature

  1. I adore Loreal Lip Products! Their Colour Riche lip balm in “nourishing nude” is my favorite to put under a nude lip gloss!!

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