New Feature Column!


I’m so excited to be introducing a new regular blog feature on beauty! I may be a photographer (and a little bit of a tom boy, hey I have 3 brothers) but boy do I have a beauty and makeup obsession. My husband can attest to our bathroom sink area we “share” that is scattered with bottles, brushes and sponges. I’m sure he could also say I thing or two about the Sephora chargers that show up on our accounts… oopsies! ;) This column will be a break from my usual photography stuff and a glimpse into a different creative side of me.

As a way to share a little about myself and the upcoming feature…

10 random beauty facts about me:

1. I carry an average of 12 lip products in my purse at all times. (just counted the zippered pouch now!)

2. I did my own makeup on my wedding day


photos by marcella treybig



3. I learned makeup from Kandee Johnson and Anna Saccone Joly

4. My top brands of choice are urban decay, mac, and laura mercier. (which  makes my wallet sad)

5. My friends and family know the way to my heart is gifts of makeup (yay! Christmas and my Birthday are coming!)

6. I have all three urban decay naked palettes. OBSESSED.

7. I can’t make my nail polish last.

8. I don’t have my ears pierced.

9. I almost never leave the house without makeup on.

10. Sometimes I sit in the sink when I do my makeup.


photo by marcella treybig

I hope you guys are excited about this feature because I sure am! In the next few months, I’ll be sharing about products I love, giving tips for makeup for portraiture, and how to get certain looks. I’m open to suggestions from you and I would love to hear what you all find most interesting! Please comment below or tweet at me with beauty column ideas!

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3 responses to “New Feature Column!

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  2. I have all the urban decay naked palettes too! Love them!

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