Shooting at Sunrise vs. Sunset

As a photographer you can probably safely assume I’m obsessed with good light and golden hour and you would be correct in doing so! I love me some warm golden light. But during my blog stalking- err I mean research! I noticed lots of photographers remarking on sunrise light. Now, I’m no morning person, but I decided I could become one for the sake of some stellar light. And let me tell you- it was worth it!!

I didn’t wake up at 5AM for just anyone, I did it for my stunningly beautiful cousin and her fiancée! I have to say though, it was kind of amazing to experience a sunrise during a photo shoot and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Am I becoming a morning person?! Haaaa no it’s 1am as I type this…but I AM an artist so I’ll work it out over a double shot latte. ;)

I’m going to share some examples of sunrise vs. sunset shoots and what I love about each. Let’s start with sunrise.

joymichelle photography_ sunrise

joy michelle photography _ sunrise 2 joy michelle photography _ sunrise 3

Why I love sunrise light:
1. The softness of the light! Compared to the sunset light, sunrise light is softer. I find it more romantic and less intense. It fits so perfectly with the tone and feel of the shoot and what we were going for. Can I just note that Kelly’s mint green dress just flows soooo beautifully in these bayside shots? Wowza. 
2. The complete lack of people to clutter up the shot! I’m not the only non-morning-person.
3. The sky detail is beautiful in a totally different way. Maybe I’m just not up to notice, but holy wow! The sky is amazing in the morning.

View the full sunrise engagement photo shoot HERE

joymichellephotography_ sunset engagement2 joymichellephotography_goldenhour joymichellephotography_goldenhour2

Why I love sunset light:

1. Catch lights. You’ll notice on the water in the fountain shot there are a line of catchlights along the guy’s back. Those dancing little lights are SO beautiful and found often during golden hour.
2. The intense warm light. I love how the light appears to wrap around their figures and seems to fill up the picture.
3. The opportunity for silhouettes. I didn’t picture this specially but one style of photo that works really well during sunset is silhouette style.

View the full sunset enagement photo shoot HERE

I think it’s really cool to see these two different types of light next to one another and what makes them different. Which type of light do you prefer?

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