4 Tips For Getting Better Newborn Photos!

I was inspired to share some basic pointers for getting great newborn photos after a session I did with little Celia Iris last week. There are soooo many others that I could touch on so if this post is helpful to you and you want to hear more, feel free to comment below and I would be happy to share. :) Here we go!

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

1) Use a Space Heater– making the room you’re shooting in nice and toasty is key to keeping the baby asleep. Especially if you want photos of the baby without any clothes! If you are hot and sweating, then the baby is more than likely very comfortable. A heater is also a nice white noise maker- and speaking of white noise- there are apps for that! Cranking up the thermostat works the same way for those who don’t have a space heater. Right around 80 Degrees in the room where you are shooting should work fine.

2) A Safe Place to Shoot– one of the easiest things I’ve found is to just set up everything right on the floor so that there is no risk of falling or rolling off. Also- be sure to wear the camera strap around your neck when shooting the baby from above because if the camera slipped out of hand the baby wouldn’t be hurt. This all may sound very obvious but hey we can never be too safe, right!?

3) Bring Props! This can be anything from bows and headbands, to a personalized blanket or basket to place the baby in. Think ahead and decide what you want to use so that you don’t have to scramble to think of things you want photographed in the moment. My personal favorites are knit or handmade items! The textures show up so beautifully in photographs and play nicely against smooth, soft baby skin. :)

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

4) Be Patient– Not every pose will work. I could show you some pretty hilarious out-takes from attempted poses that just didn’t work. A newborn shoot will take much longer than a typical portrait session and there is no way of knowing how the baby will behave- and that’s ok! If the baby isn’t in a deep sleep where they are moldable and pliable you simply must wait. Maybe that means feeding or rocking them until they are. Take your time when moving between poses as well. Use a calm voice and don’t rush. Your chances of keeping the baby asleep and getting relaxed facial expressions are much better when you take your time. :)

(C) Joy Michelle Photography 2013

I hope this helps you get beautiful shots of your newborn. If you would like to see more of my work follow me on instagram @ joyymichelle.  Good luck shooting your newborns!



2 responses to “4 Tips For Getting Better Newborn Photos!

  1. Also… warm any props that might be chilly! Learned that one the hard way :) BTW – you rock Joy! I love all the pictures of my sweet girl! I can’t believe I held you when you were that tiny!!!

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