What should we wear? / Fall Family Portraits/ Crocker Family

I wanted to take the opportunity, while sharing this family portrait session, to answer a question I get pretty often. I thought this session was a great example of what to wear! Obviously it depends on the setting and season of the shoot when considering what to wear, but for this portrait session I knew we wanted it to take place outdoors in the fall. So knowing that I suggested they wear warm tones – reds and browns with jeans…such lovely fall colors! These colors/patterns are fairly casual as well, which is fitting for the surroundings and tone of the shoot.


The important thing with coordinating outfits is to make sure they are different enough so they don’t perfectly match but still work together. The best way to do this is to pick analogous colors and not feel that each person has to wear each color. For this shoot, Rachel picked out a gray sweater for her husband to wear which worked perfectly. It brought in a great neutral to the palette and doesn’t overpower the red that she is wearing (also her shirt has gray in the pattern so it works nicely together). The plaid works well because the pattern is large enough for the eye to pick up but you’ll also notice it is the only patterned item so it isn’t competing with anything else. I think sometimes it can be hard to dress family groups (3 or more) so if you have a few additional family members and wanted to wear something like the couple did in this shoot- I would suggest having someone in a mustard yellow or brown sweater, or even a navy blue would be great. It can be tempting to throw in a bright statement or accent color but be careful doing so because it can sometimes be the first place your eye goes in a photograph so if it’s a bright pair of stockings/leggings it may not have quite the effect your were trying to have. ImageImageImage

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this awesome couple as they were the winners of a recent Giveaway I hosted in honor of reaching 300 likes on my facebook business page. I honestly feel so lucky to have met them! We had a blast running through fields to find beautiful backdrops! It is always so nice to meet people who love photography as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and for liking my page! I will be hosting another giveaway soon- if you would like that comment below with what you would want to win!

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