Kelly + Thomas {Engaged} / Bayside Engagement Session / Lewes Delaware / Delaware Photographer

Your Monday is about to get a little brighter! Today I’m sharing some sunrise bayside engagement photos and some vintage throwbacks too. This was one of my favorite sessions to date both to shoot and to edit.

Kelly and Thomas traveled all the way from Fort Myers, FL to have their engagement photos taken in Kelly’s childhood vacation spot of Lewes, DE. Her mother and Grandparents would camp in Cape Henlopen State Park and she has fond memories of traveling to the beach each summer. The starting location is sunrise on sands of the Delaware Bay (where her family owns a vacation home) and the second location is on the grounds of Cape Henlopen State Park just a few miles away. The state park was used during the second Wold War as a military base by the U.S Army and was later deemed surplus property and became what is now a state park. The park still has observation towers, barracks, and canons original from the time it was used as a base. We used some of these pieces of history (the barracks especially) as a fun/different backdrop. Because of the history of the park, Kelly styled the second half of her shoot with a vintage flare and brought some beautiful props along. My favorite element of her vintage outfit was a cap that she picked up at an antique store.

I cannot say enough good things about this couple. My hubby was my second shooter during this engagement session and I he did fabulously! We had an absolute blast photographing them and I would just like to point out that Kelly could have a career in modeling if she wanted! Congratulations to them both!



Kelly ImageImageImage



2 responses to “Kelly + Thomas {Engaged} / Bayside Engagement Session / Lewes Delaware / Delaware Photographer

  1. Thank you Joybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! love our photos!

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