Personal / Home Office !!


Everyone close to me is probably sick of hearing about my desk for the past month! (not probably, most certainly) But I’m SO excited that it is finally done. I should have taken before and after pictures of this thing because man does it look different! It’s vintage and was one of the first pieces of furniture my parents had in their first apartment 25 years ago (and even then it was old!). Hubby sanded it and stained it and varnished it and it is a beauty! I’m in love. (with him and the table.)

Our second bedroom is officially strictly Joy Michelle Photography office space. No more catch all for things that didn’t have a home, no more storage space, no more boxes and junk. I can finally think clearly in this room! I’m so thankful to have it, and to have a husband who doesn’t mind devoting this whole space to my business.

Since moving the table into the office, I have started using my tablet for editing!  I’m still adjusting but I know it will really speed up my editing time in the long run. I’m so excited to have my camera collection out of boxes and on display. The next step in setting up my workspace is to order some large prints for the walls. I will share the final product of the whole office with you all when I’m finished!


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