My favorite Apps // Photography Business Apps

As with any business, a photography business requires a lot of admin and organization work. One of the greatest helps I’ve found is a handful of iphone apps that make my job more manageable. I have tried many (meaning I download and delete a ton before I stick with something) and these are my top favorites. Oh! And they’re all free!

Instagram/ no crop

I’m listing them together because I use them together often! I love to use instagram to share sneak peeks or back-of-camera shots from shoots right after or while I’m shooting. No Crop is a free app that allows me to post a classic photo to instagram without cropping it into a square.


 I post, comment, and keep up with my blog stats from my phone using the wordpress app. This is great for when I’m away from my computer and I want to respond to a comment or question.

Facebook Pages

This works much like the wordpress app in that I can directly access my business facebook page separate from my personal page from my phone. Clients often email me privately from my business page so this lets me stay on top of that from anywhere.


I love Pinterest. It is just a goldmine of information! I was THAT bride not too long ago that obsessed over every detail and found so much help from Pinterest. I can now use it to direct clients to posing/outfit help or ideas, as well as business ideas and marketing.


Ok I confess this isn’t for business at all…it’s for fun! But it is seriously awesome for long-distance friends and family that I’m able to share my life with from anywhere.


I use dropbox to share high resolution files and documents with clients.


I’m new to this but so far am loving it! This app is a complete studio manager. It manages clients, invoices, banking, etc. I have it on my iphone, laptop, and desktop so I can keep up with imputing information and schedules. It also has software to project future income and expenses. Definitely pretty cool…


This is a continuous personal and business To-do list that checks in with you to see what you have done depending on your settings. I have found this really helpful to remember little things like stopping at the store for stamps, calling my accountant, or emailing someone back. It’s better than the notes app which I used to use, because this keeps coming back to you until it is done.

What are your favorite apps? I LOVE trying new business or personal apps. I’m definitely all about making things mobile-  so much in fact that my clients get a custom app with their very best photos after each shoot so that they can take them with them everywhere and share easily.

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